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Join your neighbors in creating a stronger community in WestLA for all who live and work here.


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Issue 1:
Housing the Homeless

We support housing our homeless neighbors because this national crisis requires all of us to be part of the solution. The City of Los Angeles is planning to build a six-story homeless housing facility on a city-owned parking lot located at 11010 Santa Monica Boulevard (between Greenfield and Camden). Without notifications to the neighbors, the City has already invited proposals from developers to build the project. And has selected one to move forward on it.

We believe you should have the chance to voice your opinion. But, one voice alone does not get heard. Limited information has been officially provided, but we know this option isn’t the best option to address this important concern.


See pictures of this concept here.

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Along with all your concerned neighbors, you can send a message to the City to ask them to slow this process to allow all of us to voice our opinions. To make it easy for your voice to be heard, simply click the “take action” button below to slow the process to find an event better space to serve more people experiencing homelessness.

Additional information on supporting those experiencing homlessness, including housing information from the following community partners:

Westside Shelter and Hunger Coalition
What is Supportive Housing?

Issue 2:
Shop Local

The key to a vibrant community is a mix of residents and businesses coexisting. The Closer services, restaurants, and retail shops are to housing, the less traffic there will be and the opportunity to build a stronger community exists because people can connect in daily interactions.

Our WestLA community businesses need the support to stay viable in a fast-changing economic environment. It’s easy to order goods and services through the web, but we look to our neighbors who care to shop local and support our local business districts. From Santa Monica Blvd. to Olympic Blvd. to Westwood Blvd. — our local commercial corridors are the gateways to our community and local support of these businesses makes a stronger community

Westside Shopping from DiscoverLA
Shop Small Map  from American Express for WestLA

Take Action

Right now, the main action we’re asking neighbors to take is help to pause the homeless housing process to allow for community input on a permanent supportive housing project that is too small and forced on to a parcel that would be better suited to be larger and more impactful.Click below to send a message to the City to pause the project to allow community input and greater community support for housing in our community.

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CARE WestLA was formed in 2019 and focuses the community’s attention on the key issues that make WestLA great.


Support community awareness around and participation in what’s going on in the hyper-local communities of WestLA


  • Local residents, businesses, and stakeholders can address the hyper-local concerns that create the best quality of life in our WestLA community
  • Coming together, a community can make positive change in their neighborhood
  • No one knows their community as well as those who live and work in it every day.
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